Leasing Info

​Acquiring the equipment you need from Modern Tools is easier than ever!

Now you can fund your purchases through the MTI equipment finance experts – MTI Capital

MTI Capital specializes in financing the equipment sold by Modern Tools. We can assist you in achieving your goals by providing unlimited Capital for equipment acquisitions. We offer the best market rates, flexible terms, unique structures such as deferred or step payments, rental programs and the convenience of dealing with one company for both your equipment and financing requirements.

If you've never leased equipment before consider the advantages:

Leasing keeps bank lines and other sources available to meet short-term requirements such as inventory buildup and increased receivables.

Since Lease financing uses the equipment as collateral, business owners can avoid the blanket liens and financial restrictions placed by other lending institutions.

By leasing, you can keep your money working for you. Consider what $100,000 can do when it is actively invested in inventory rather than languishing in fixed equipment.

Budgets can more readily accommodate monthly lease payments than large cash expenses for purchasing fixed assets.

No need to obtain financing elsewhere.

Other financial institutions typically require a large down payment. Leases typically require as little as one payment in advance.

Leasing costs remain constant no matter how much interest rates increase. Each dollar paid in lease payments five years from now will probably have substantially less purchasing power than today's dollar.

Employees are expected to earn their pay as they perform - why not equipment too? With leasing, you pay for the equipment as it benefits your business.

A Capital Lease with a $1.00 or 10% Purchase Option passes ownership to you at the end of the lease term. In most cases, you will be able to take the depreciation for tax purposes. A True Lease with FMV Purchase Option allows you to purchase the equipment at the end of the term, return the equipment to the lessor, or renew the lease for an additional term. Since the ownership of the equipment remains with the lessor during the initial term, you enjoy the benefits of the equipment at a low monthly payment and may be able to expense 100% of the monthly payment off your company's pre-tax income, keeping the purchase off your balance sheet and reducing your tax liability.